Crazy Bats

Family coaster in the theme world fantasy


Frozen in a gigantic block of ice, you will slip your way around a grand palace while three crazy bats flap wildly around you ... On this unique combination of rollercoaster and animated film, you’ll take on the leading role and enjoy the world’s longest dark rollercoaster!


This is what makes Crazy Bats unique

Latest generation technology
We use the best and latest VR technology for Crazy Bats. From the VR goggles to the 3D animation film, a system of the latest generation developed for us ensures your perfect experience!

Particularly long riding pleasure

Experience an extra-long virtual adventure with Crazy Bats! With a total ride time of four minutes and a correspondingly long film, the big VR family coaster at Phantasialand is the longest VR coaster in the world!

Always in front row
For your unforgettable mission with the Crazy Bats, we have produced not just one, but three versions of the 3D animated film. This means you can experience the film perfectly matched to the rollercoaster ride at any time and in any seat on our long trains!

The Story

The three little heroes want to win your favour

They are always trying to outdo each other with new gifts. And each in their very own bat way: cosy, romantic, funny – and unfortunately also rather scatterbrained. Because the three clumsy fellows wouldn't be the Crazy Bats if everything didn't go wrong right from the start.

Instead of giving you a magical ice flake, they give the entire castle a big ice age.

The cuddly but clumsy fellows accidentally freeze everything – even you!

And as if that wasn't enough, you suddenly find yourself frozen in a large block of ice and hurtling through the castle at breakneck speed – and the bats with you. Because now you have to get out of the ice as soon as possible! And by any means necessary.

Phantasialand VR-Coaster Crazy Bats


Will the Crazy Bats manage to free you from the ice during the adventurous rollercoaster ride?
Have the three crazy heroes learnt from their mistakes and will they finally win your favour?

Find out and be right in the middle of the fast-paced mission of the cheeky bats at Crazy Bats, the great VR experience for the whole family at Phantasialand!

The Highlights

More than a cinema movie

The experts at Ambient Entertainment had to produce many more images for our animated film than for a cinema movie. A staggering one billion pixels can be seen in every second of Crazy Bats. In a cinema movie, there are around six times less, i.e. "only" 170 million.

Fantastic details

You can see the enormous effort that went into the production of Crazy Bats everywhere during the ride. Take a look at the fur of the little clumsy fellows: each of the three crazy bats has around two million individual hairs that have been painstakingly moulded into shape.

Fantastic sound

You glide through the castle of the Crazy Bats to specially composed music, whose cheeky actions will make you laugh all the more with great sound effects! This sound experience will immerse you completely in the world of the Crazy Bats!

Questions and answers

Experience the VR coaster

What can I expect?
For the Crazy Bats VR experience, you will need VR goggles, which you will receive from us before the ride; they are particularly high-resolution, pleasantly light and, with their special lenses, ensure a brilliant and sharp image at all times.
Also for people with glasses.



This is VR
VR is the abbreviation for virtual reality. Special VR goggles and films create a world that seems to completely surround you and in which you can look around as you would in normal life.


Easy as pie
Get in – put on the VR goggles – use the practical rotary knob to lock in & experience perfect visual acuity (even with glasses). Thanks to the built-in headphones and displays, our VR goggles are also lighter than elsewhere.


Googles on and
into the adventure!
The fully automatic camera system captures your VR goggles using motion capture technology as soon as you sit in the car – and ensures that the image is aligned in the direction of riding!

Our VR googles
Many previous VR coasters have used goggles with built-in smartphones. This was not an option for us, as smartphones are very susceptible to interference and do not provide satisfactory image quality.

Simply brilliant
Two fixed, very high-resolution displays in the VR goggles offer you a perfect all-round view. And the special lenses with their special cut always ensure the correct focus!
Also for people with glasses.

Experience Crazy Bats all year round in summer as well as in Wintertraum!

Terms of use


People below the height of 1.00 m are not permitted.


Children between 1.00 m and 1.20 m height
must be accompanied by a supervising adult.


Children above 1.20 m height are permitted.

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