And caught another one! The cheeky mice have been hiding everywhere in the imperial cake factory – but you're hot on their heels, armed with 3D glasses and a piping bag! Go on a merry mouse hunt and help exterminator Oskar Koslowski protect the magnificent cakes from the nimble paws!




Family fun
Thanks to the uncomplicated game system and funny story, Maus au Chocolat delights all cake shooters – from mini mouse hunters to frisky granny!

Fantastic effects
With appropriate sound effects, exciting music and cheers from Oskar Koslowski, you are completely immersed in the experience!



Pleasure for all senses
With delicious real (!) baking recipes and beguiling cake smell, even the waiting area becomes a pleasure experience!

Love for detail
Between cake pans, pastries and kitchen utensils from the times of the emperor, there are all kinds of things to marvel at in 7 fantastically designed rooms.



In the interactive mouse hunt, two exterminators are always competing. Maybe someone will even crack the high score?

Special ride system
Sometimes left, sometimes right, sometimes cold storage, sometimes bakery – the special ride system always puts the mouse hunters in the optimum shooting position


Shooting system
The world's best shooting system with direct, visual feedback makes nimble mouse hunters grow beyond themselves!

A world for itself
Maus au Chocolat is a unique combination of 3D play experience, theming for all senses and technology at its best!


Germany's best dark ride 2023
Parkscout|Plus Experten-Award (Rank 3)
Germany's favourite dark ride 2023
Parkscout Publikums Award (Rank 3)

Experience Maus au Chocolat all year round in summer as well as in Wintertraum!

Terms of use

Guests under 0.90 m of height may not ride.

Children between 0.90 m and 1.20 m of height may only ride accompanied by an adult.

Guests over 1.20 m of height may ride unaccompanied.



¹ Please understand that temporary closures of outdoor attractions may occur in the event of extreme weather conditions.



Terms of use and safety instructions


Explanation of the possibility of use

In the attraction "Mouse au Chocolat", the 3D cinema can cause dizziness and headaches in visitors. However, since visitors cannot leave the ride on their own, they have to stay in the attraction for about 7 minutes if they feel unwell. The interactive 3D cinemas can also be perceived as sensory overload and cause discomfort by people with psychological complaints or mental disabilities.

At the quite heavy cannons, which are used to shoot the mice, there is a risk of impact in the knee or abdominal area if they are pulled up quickly (depending on body size). This could pose a danger to pregnant women. In addition, the gondolas rotate quite jerkily during scene changes, so that people with back, neck or spine problems may experience an aggravation of their complaints in this attraction.

Since the entrance and exit of the attraction are not barrier-free, wheelchair users cannot approach the attraction. The evacuation of the Maus au Chocolat attraction takes place by means of an empty ride, if possible. In case of imminent danger, evacuation takes place via the escape routes and emergency exits, which are at ground level. Visually impaired persons can certainly manage the escape routes under escort. Nevertheless, the restriction on use for the walking and visually impaired should remain in place. There are no additional hazards for hearing-impaired persons with a hearing companion who can assist with communication in an emergency.

It is not absolutely necessary to hold on during the ride. However, visitors with plaster casts or amputations in the upper part of the body cannot operate the guns properly, as they have to aim with one hand and "shoot" with the other.

Use is not possible for persons with epilepsy, fear of darkness and fear of space.

Contact the guest relations service at Kaiserplatz during your visit. There you will be informed in detail about the factors of use and receive the corresponding "Use and Waiver Agreement", which must be filled out, signed and countersigned on site with your personal data.

Status: 02/2018
Errors and changes excepted.

Theme world Berlin


Phantasialand Themenwelt Berlin Kaiserplatz


The golden 20s

Artful shop windows, magnificent stucco and a dreamlike sea of blossoms: in Golden Berlin the 1920s come alive – and strolling and savouring becomes a true experience!

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