Family-Boomerang in the theme world Mystery

Small coaster for big fun

Like a pendulum, Raik swings through Klugheim's dark canyons - there and back...and always with pure riding fun! Whiz through the middle of the mysterious themed world in Klugheim's "Time Machine" and experience that exciting tingling sensation when the Family Boomerang takes a rapid turn - great fun not only for the little ones!


The Highlights of this Family-Boomerang

This is what makes Raik so unique

Forwards, backwards, fun!
Forward there, backward back: Like a boomerang, Raik rides its route twice - for double the fun for the whole family!

In the middle of it
Up close through dark canyons and right through the middle of Taron's tangle of rails: Raik completely merges with the theme world Klugheim - you can only find that at Phantasialand!

Klugheim's clockwork

Pointer, hourglass, pendulum - Raik's elaborate theming turns the family coaster into Klugheim's living time machine!

Discover more highlights

Perfect for little coaster fans
Raik combines great fun and gentle action for adventurers from 1.00 m - the ideal introduction to the world of roller coasters!

Tingling rise
A rare reverse lift pulls Raik into the tower and you don't even know how high - until it suddenly goes down! Belly tingling guaranteed!

Attention, flythrough
Waiting guests are left in the slipstream in amazement as the Family Boomerang whizzes through its station in a "fly-through effect"

Custom train design
Comfortable single bars for a secure hold, low front for best visibility - Raik's train was specially designed for the little passengers

Faster than expected
Raik is rapidly taking the curve and making hearts beat faster - faster than any other Family Boomerang in the world!

Riding fun like the big ones
Quick combinations of curves, fast turns and close-up near miss effects. Raik offers pure riding fun - not only for little adventurers!

Phantasialand Familien-Achterbahn Family-Boomerang Raik

Experience Raik all year round in summer as well as in Wintertraum - riding fun at up to -10°!¹

Terms of use

Guests under 1.00 m tall are not allowed to ride.

Children between 1.00 m and 1.20 m of height may only ride in the company of an adult.

Guests over 1.20 m of height may ride unaccompanied.



¹ Please understand that temporary closures of outdoor attractions may occur in the event of extreme weather conditions.



Terms of use and safety instructions


Explanation of the possibility of use

"Raik" has a fast-paced ride with quick changes of direction and reverses. This involves jolts and jerky movements, which can cause aggravation of back, neck and spine problems. Individuals with circulatory conditions may experience severe dizziness and nausea on this roller coaster, and those with heart disease may experience an increased risk of heart attack or stroke. Use of the attraction may also have a negative impact on pregnancy. Therefore, the use of the attraction is not possible for the mentioned groups of people.

It is necessary to hold on with at least one hand during the ride in order to be able to compensate for or intercept the rapid and jerky movements. Passengers with plaster casts or amputations in the upper body area are at increased risk of neck and back injuries.

People who suffer from claustrophobia may experience discomfort or even panic attacks in this attraction.

Access is via several staircases. The exit is also not barrier-free and thus cannot be used by wheelchair users. In the event of an evacuation, trains stop at the nearest stopping points, from which visitors must descend narrow stairs. Persons with walking or visual impairments may experience difficulties here. For persons with hearing impairments, the authors were unable to identify any additional hazards in emergency or normal situations, provided they are accompanied by a hearing person who can assist with communication.

Evacuation outside the unloading points is very unlikely, but cannot be ruled out. Such an evacuation poses an increased risk, especially for physically and mentally disabled persons.

Use of the attraction for persons with walking and visual disabilities is not possible. For persons with mental disabilities, the restriction on use can be lifted if they are responsive and accompanied.

Use is not possible for persons with epilepsy, fear of heights and fear of space.

Contact the guest relations service at Kaiserplatz during your visit. There you will be informed in detail about the factors of use and receive the corresponding "Use and Waiver Agreement", which must be filled out, signed and countersigned on site with your personal data.

Status: 02/2018
Errors and changes excepted.

Theme world Mystery

Mysterious and mighty

Of hard-working craftsmen and wooden dragons. Of clever minds and savoury delights. A world full of stories – and fast-paced adventures!

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