Family boomerang ride in the Mystery park

Spectacularly fun!

On the world’s fastest family boomerang ride, you’ll inch past craggy cliff faces and through the web of tracks for its bigger brother, Taron. Incredible twists and turns on a high-speed track make any ride on RAIK an amazing adventure – suitable for children as small as 1.00 metre!

Raik’s highlights
  • Raik is the fastest family boomerang ride in the world!
  • Forwards and backwards motion found on very few other rides!
  • Thrills with an occasional backwards swoop!
  • Incredible fun for passengers over 1.00 metre tall, making it suitable for all the family!
  • The fly-through effect leaves the next lot of passengers in awe as you whizz past!
Terms of use


People below the minimum height of 1.00 m are not permitted.


Children between 1.00 m and 1.20 m height must be accompanied by a supervising adult.


Children above 1.20 m height are permitted.

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