River Quest

Wild water rafting in the Mystery area

Wet and wild!

Shoot at top speed through the medieval fortress in the spooky batboats.

Only the fearless will explore the system of tunnels that branch out over three levels in the vast fortress and follow the whirling depths of the maelstrom. You will be dragged through foaming water, around bends and through whirlpools into the abyss. Cooling down is included in the price!

  • Steepest drop on a rafting ride
  • Winding layout over three levels
  • Multi-award-winning, including being named one of the best water attractions in Europe
Terms of use

Minimum distance in the waiting area


Medical mask / FFP2 mask




People below the minimum height of 1,20 m and under the age of 10 are not permitted.


People above the height of 1,40 m are permitted.

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