Chair swing ride in theme world Berlin

Close to heaven!

Right in the centre of Kaiserplatz square, let your legs swing back and forth over our water feature (which was designed exclusively for Phantasialand) and fly through the fresh air – with spectacular views of the streets of Berlin Ride the perfect wave with on the king of the swing rides!

Experience Wellenflug all year round in summer as well as in Wintertraum!

Terms of use


Children below the minimum height of 1.00 m are not permitted.


Children between 1.00 m and 1.20 m height must be accompanied by a supervising adult. Only available in the double seats.


Children above 1.20 m height are permitted.

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Theme world Berlin


Phantasialand Themenwelt Berlin Kaiserplatz


The golden years of 1920s

Artful shop windows, magnificent stucco and a dreamlike sea of blossoms: in Golden Berlin the 1920s come to life – and strolling and enjoying becomes a real experience!


Phantasialand Kettenkarussell Wellenflug