Vegan Indulgence

From a delicious Rook-burger to African cassava fries and a delicious patisserie tartlet: vegan indulgence is more than just an alternative at Phantasialand. Always specially created, always perfectly matched to the immersive experience – always delicious. Embark on a fantastic journey into our vegan worlds of indulgence!

Immerse yourself in our diverse

vegan worlds of pleasure

Restaurant Uhrwerk

Flight into vegan pleasures

"The Pilot" takes the helm over your vegan indulgence journey through Rookburgh. Just for you, purple sweet potato patties sizzle on the grill and green asparagus combines with edamame puffed peas to create a fresh sophisticated Explorer Bowl. As unique as homemade: This is what your adventure tastes like!


Rutmor's Taverne

Hearty vegan dishes

Veganism expands Klugheim's culinary horizons far beyond the basalt mountains. With Rutmor's recommendation, experience the vegan rustic Gröstl pan with onions, diced vegetables and endive salad and toast to a hearty feast at the rustic wooden tables!

BAOBAB – The African Food Corner

Vegan safari of taste

In Deep in Africa, adventurous vegan delights simmer and sizzle: whether vegan sausage or deliciously fragrant cassava fries. When juicy sun-ripened tomatoes and orange sweet potatoes combine to create a fiery red stew – the Ghanaian Red Red – you know: this is what adventure tastes like.

La Cantina Tacana

Vegan mexican delights

Vegan Tortillas Verdura let fresh vegetables celebrate a colourful and spicy fiesta on the tongue. The Mexican sun shines in your heart!

Patisserie Törtchen & Co.

Vegan sweet seduction

In magnificent Berlin, our in-house patisserie Törtchen & Co. invites you to the catwalk to enjoy heavenly pleasure compositions in a glamorous setting. A very special vegan showpiece of this gala of pleasure: Coco de Vega!

Lilli's Café


Coffee specialties - of course with soy milk and in addition a crispy bun topped with grilled vegetables: Lilli's Café invites you to a special vegan coffee break in urban Berlin.

Focaccia Mexico


Tomatoes, sweet potatoes, zucchini and mushrooms. A simple as ingenious taste composition as delightful as a vacation in Mexico - and of course entirely vegan.

Vegan sweet dishes

To melt away

Colourful fruit cups make vegan connoisseurs' hearts and sweet tooths beat faster!

Overview of all vegan worlds of pleasure
Location Offer Theme world
Restaurant Uhrwerk Rook-Burger: The Pilot | Purple Sweet Potato Burger | French Fries Shovel: Single Flight & Domestic | Pasta Daedalus | Fruity-Fresh Pokè Bowls | Barbie's Berry Chocolate Mix Rookburgh
Restaurant Unter den Linden Potato Rissole with Vegetables and herbal-mustard Sauce | Vegan Sausage | Bowl Berlin
Lilli's Café Cross bun with grilled vegetables Berlin
Törtchen & Co. Changing offer of vegan tartlets Berlin
Rutmor's Taverne Oven-fresh tarte flambée with tomato sauce, topped with potatoes, rocket and cherry tomatoes | Potato Gröstl pan with onions Klugheim
Baobab – The African Food Corner Ghanaisches Red Red | Cassava Fries with African Spice Dip | Vegan Sausage Deep in Africa
La Cantina Tacana Tortillas Verdura with fried mushrooms with baharat, guacamole, tomato salsa, kidney beans, caramelised onions & spinach | Tortilla Sweet Corn Chips Mexico
Focaccia Mexico Focaccia with tomatoes, sweet potatoes, courgettes and mushrooms | Nachos with Salsa or Avocado Creme Mexico

Restaurants in the Hotels

Vegan immersion

A cheerful barbecue in an African village or a tasting tour across an Asian food market: indulge in exotic vegan cuisine in our hotel restaurants.


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