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Excerpt from Phantasialand House Rules

1. Upon buying ticket(s) or entry into PHANTASIALAND, the visitor acknowledges the following terms and conditions of entry and use as binding.

2. The entry ticket entitles the visitor to enter PHANTASIALAND during the opening times (see the opening hours calendar at our website for precise information on opening days). The opening hours for the day of entry are displayed at the entrance. The entry ticket shall become invalid when the visitor leaves the premises. Should PHANTASIALAND close early, for example during the off-peak season or on account of weather conditions, the visitor shall not be entitled to a full or partial refund of the entry price.

3. The visitor is required to present his/her entry ticket to supervisory staff at their request. Anyone found not to be in possession of a valid entry ticket shall be required to pay a flat rate of €100 in compensation for all entitlements bestowed by the ticket. There is an express possibility of criminal prosecution resulting from unlawful entry under section 123 of the German Criminal Code (Strafgesetzbuch or StGB) and resulting from entrance obtained by deceit under section 265a of the StGB. Every visitor is required to wear full clothing and shoes during his/her visit in the park.

4. Children under the age of 12 may only be admitted when accompanied by an adult. All escorts and parents are liable for their children. For visits by groups of children, one person must be appointed as responsible. The accompanying adult is responsible for supervising the children and, in particular, for ensuring their safety and protecting them from injury.

5. The individual attractions at PHANTASIALAND are available for the visitor to use freely within the scope of their intended purpose. Visitors are prohibited from trespassing in areas of the attractions not intended for use and from leaving the marked paths. Dogs must be kept on a lead on the park premises and are not permitted in the shows and attractions. Any additional fees required for a particular attraction are listed separately at the entrance to the attraction. The visitor shall not be entitled to a full or partial refund of the entry price in the event of the temporary closure of attractions and/or closure of individual attractions for technical reasons.

6. All attractions are used at the visitor's own risk. The visitor is responsible for looking out for his/her own safety, in particular by using the safety equipment in place, exercising the necessary care at entrances and exits, observing signs providing information and instructions, and following any orders issued by supervisory staff.

Pregnant women shall refrain from using the rides for their own safety and for the safety of their unborn child.

Upon entry into PHANTASIALAND, the visitor consents to showing Phantasialand staff the contents of any bags, backpacks and other containers that he/she wishes to bring onto the park premises. For safety reasons, the visitor is prohibited from bringing any glass bottles and other potentially dangerous items onto the premises. The visitor is not permitted to use any radios, record players, tape recorders, or musical instruments he/she brings onto the premises.
In addition, we will perform controls of persons when the occasion arises. These controls are intended to maximize your safety. In order to ensure a smooth examination we ask for your understanding and assistance. More information

7. Dogs are welcome at PHANTASIALAND under the following conditions: All dogs must be kept on the lead in the park in accordance with the NRW Regional Dogs Act. Owners must carry bags for the disposal of dog excrement. Dogs are not allowed in restaurants and shows, with the exception of guide dogs and assistance dogs. Assistance dogs must be clearly marked as such, and appropriate certification must be carried at all times. They are permitted in shows and restaurants but must be supervised at all times. Dangerous dogs in accordance with the NRW Regional Dogs Act are not permitted in the park. Dangerous dogs include American Staffordshire Terriers, Bull Terriers, Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers and cross-breeds among these and other dogs. Other pets are not permitted in the park.

8. Weather conditions may result in a risk of slipping on park premises (rain, hail, natural snow, etc.). This applies for artificial snow or snow used in the park for decorative purposes during the winter season, particularly in areas containing winter and snow-based attractions. The visitor is therefore advised to exercise the necessary care and attention throughout the entire park, for example by observing areas closed off by ropes, fences, trees, etc., wearing non-slip shoes, refraining from walking quickly and running, and using the hand rails in place. The visitor is not permitted to enter Lake Mondsee in the Fantasy area and any other areas of water within the park, whether frozen or unfrozen. In the event of damage resulting from failure to observe one of the points listed above, contributory negligence up to 100% may be allocated to the visitor.

9. Filming and photography for commercial purposes requires approval from the managing directors. Devices with a flash and private filming are prohibited during shows. If the visitor does not wish to be captured in any filming or photography taking place in PHANTASIALAND, we recommend avoiding the area where filming/photography is taking place and, in cases of uncertainty, informing the responsible Phantasialand staff or the film/photography team. Otherwise, we shall assume that the film or photographs can be used in public.

10. Filming and photography: filming with mobile phones or other cameras is prohibited during the ride on all large attractions and fast revolving rides. GoPros attached to the head, selfie sticks and cameras attached to the wrist are also prohibited. Loose items must always be stowed safely and must not be carried in the visitor's hand.

By using attractions, PHANTASIALAND is given the right to produce, save and display on screens, as well as sell pictures which have been taken of the passengers during rides without any further compensation.

11. Liability for any damages sustained in PHANTASIALAND shall be excluded. Liability for intentional acts shall remain unaffected. All complaints must be submitted to management before leaving the park premises; any subsequent claims shall be excluded.

12. Liability for the loss, theft, etc., of items that do not belong to PHANTASIALAND shall be excluded.

13. Children over the age of 12 are not permitted to use children's play areas; these areas are used at the Visitor's own risk.

14. To secure visitors under age, PHANTASIALAND does not sell alcohol to persons younger than 18 years.

15. To secure all visitors, consume of cannabis and products related to cannabis are prohibited.

16. The visitor may be removed from PHANTASIALAND without any entitlement to a refund of the entry price if he/she harasses other visitors, enters and uses the attractions contrary to their intended purpose, fails to follow orders issued by supervisory staff or signs, or disrupts park operations in any other way. Supervisory staff are entitled to exercise all rights granted under the House Rules.

17. The visitor shall be required to replace all damages caused intentionally and, in particular, all damages caused in connection with any conduct described under Item 11. Accompanying adults shall be responsible for any damages caused by children.

18. PHANTASIALAND Brühl records the regional identification code on the number plates of all arriving vehicles. It does not store the individual number plates for individual vehicles belonging to its visitors. The camera's signal is rendered anonymous by the local storage device and then immediately deleted.

Version dated: april 2024

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